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by Empty Speech Act

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"Empty Speech Act: where affected persons are motivated to express false or bizarre belief statements due to an underlying psychological disturbance."

These 9 empty speech acts, conceived and raised in a cold corner of England over 4 long years, are the result of an occasional collaboration which may never happen again. They are the beginning of a life doomed to end - a desperate grab at some sense in a world that makes none.


released September 22, 2012

Andrew Ridley - Guitars / Synthesizers / Programming
Jonjo McNeill - Lyrics / Vocals



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Track Name: 8yrs
You bury your head in ideals penned in bed
Scrambled brains mask the pain of eight years of regret
Try as you might you just can’t go outside
Lest they all realise when you unmask those eyes

Here’s a chance to open up once more

If you wait for a raincloud you’ll drown in a storm
Eight years is far too long
If you live by the sword then you’ll die of frustration
Eight years has been and gone

The glory of bands writing lines in the sands
No regret is allowed when we cannot stand
When you can’t stand yourself or even the thought
Then you’ve no legs to stand on anymore
Track Name: Fallout
Clear the beds
Clear the beds for the expected casualties
Casualties, and the infected

Radiation - panic!

And the sky
And the sky is filled with fire
But we knew
But we knew this world was dying
Track Name: When Continents Collide
She hides away inside her broken soapbox
Checking yesterday's predictions, reading yesterday's bad news
A life so harshly ruled by her opinions
Blinded by a light she thought that only she could see

She lost her train of thought, derailed emotions
Said goodbye to her family, made a beeline for her dreams
Ideals she never had the time to question
She passed them onto everyone but no one cared to hear

(we need to give it more time)

There's always space, there's always time
There's always somewhere we can hide
There's always fear, there's always pride
These continents always collide

She died alone with only hate and slogans
Nobody there to miss her, nobody there to care
I found her note and sent it with this letter
I hope you can forgive her only sin - she just believed
Track Name: Something Irrevocable
If there's time - so much time - why can you not see?
If you're mine - you're all mine - then are you not me?
When we go we're alone there's no you and me
When we die - we all die - we go solitary

Stay mine we'll live all night
Stay mine we'll live our lives
Stray minds the disease of us
Stay mine - we will

Did you hear what I fear is engulfing me?
Do you know just how low broken men can be?
If a part of your heart is now dead to me
Then I'll go, and I'll know we were not to be
Track Name: An Apology
For when i've worried you
For when i've damaged you
For when i've fallen off i always take you with me
For all my ignorance
For all my innocent mistakes
For always, for always giving up and moving on

Throw your arms out there's a new me
Throw your doors wide open - yet another new me

For when i wouldn't hear
For when i disappeared
For when i found redemption somewhere that you can't see
For all the lies i've told
For how i lost my soul
For always, for always running off to start again

You always thought i would come back
Track Name: Science
Is no one sticking around?
Does no one care what we've found?
You're abandoning our progress

All the plans that we laid
Discoveries that we made
Science is our success

There's no-one here
There's no-one there
There's no-one coming

Take a little bit with you, i don't need it all
You've helped me out a thousand times
I’ll help you out a thousand more

How can we disagree?
There are things we've still yet to see
Let's not stop this prematurely

Don't want these people to know
We've left our seeds here to grow
This place will be amazing
Track Name: Towards The Glow
I feel it burning as it grows
We're grasping out for something beautiful to hold
If we could only tighten our grip
We've had the same dreams many times
Where indecision doesn't plague our childish minds
If we could only listen to ourselves

Towards the glow of dreams and new beginnings
Of worlds that keep on spinning as these words are spinning lies
We'll never know just what we were conceiving
Until we stop believing and the glow is gone for good

We fear the worst for years to come
Burnt out dreams on rivers of regret do flow
If we could only tighten our grip
The nightmares end when life begins
Hope eternal springing from the simplest source
If only we were born with this light on
Track Name: The Fire
We've forgotten what it means
To be rational human beings
The sky so low - the sun is smoke
Our dying breath a screaming choke
Emotional entanglement
No longer our sentiment
Survival seems a long way off
Now we all pray for molotov

And the fire burns…

We once lived in paradise
Our nightmares confined to our minds
Outside the sky was blue and white
The terror only came at night
But now our fears play out each day
We've chosen the improper way
To live alongside one and all
We watch as the burnt sky does fall

(All hope has died, our thoughts collide
We're prisoners, inside our minds)

When we go we go alone
There's no chance of returning of home
Our hope has died our thoughts collide
We're prisoners inside our mind.
Track Name: Cathedrals
She’s my cathedral
She’s my holy ground
I’m an illusion
Some magic she’s found

Where once was inertia
Together we dream
We share space and time
Soon we’ll fly from this scene

We can draw our own map

She’s my cathedral
My alter my shrine
She slowed both my hands down
How precious is time?

Where once was inertia
Together we dream
There’s clouds parting
At our hearts mezzanine